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Thank you for everyone's support during our charity month. Our donations have been made to these two charities:  

NHS Charities Together

Donations help cover "above and beyond what the NHS can provide such as wellbeing packs, accommodation, travel, parking and volunteer expenses as well as supporting the long term mental health and rehabilitation of NHS staff, volunteers, patients and careers after the pandemic is over." Click here to learn more about NHS Charities Together https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/what-we-do/

Black Lives Matter

Money raised will go directly to "supporting the ongoing fight to end systemic racism and state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever." Read more about BLM and their mission here: https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/



Manor Farm House,

Awkley Lane, Tockington,

BS32 4LP





mobile: 07500833833



We are currently closed.