about us

Jade Weerawardena

I am a 19 year old currently studying Business Management at the University of Southampton and thought I could apply the skills I'm studying to a real life business. I am very passionate about cooking as I was brought up in a household filled with exotic flavours. With a French mother and a Sri Lankan father how could I not love food? 

During this lockdown we knew  we wanted to fill this time productively and so we decided to get creative with food. With a bit of bread flour, home grown rosemary, olive oil  and sea salt we produced our first focaccia loaf... and it was delicious!  

After getting gleaming reviews from the family we knew we had created something special and wanted to share it with our community... and I'm so glad we did.

Jack Jacob 

Iā€™m an 18 year old New Yorker studying Liberal Arts at University of Bristol after completing Sixth form at Clifton College.  I have always had an interest in cooking, and bread baking in particular has been my focus since lockdown began.  Focaccia has been a stand-out among our friends and family, and quickly became the obvious choice to begin our business.  In my 3 years living in Bristol, I've come to appreciate the vibrant culture of Southwest England, and these extraordinary circumstances seemed like the perfect time to contribute something delicious to the local community.



Manor Farm House,

Awkley Lane, Tockington,

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